Because of our free 1-on-1 advising sessions, we are able to tailor specific advice for your needs. Whether you are a family looking to go electric, a business seeking to install a charger, or a fleet looking to use more CNG, we are here to help every step of the way.


We have knowledge and practice with many of the cost calculators and online tools available, particularly those available by the Alternative Fuels Data Center. These tools help make transitions more seamless, enable you to make informed decisions, and make alternative fuels a reality.


You may be surprised how many incentives there are for alternative fuels. Let us help you navigate which ones are suited for you and which ones make the most sense. Further, we can also help with grant and application writing.


We are headquartered in Colorado but have partners all over the nation. From large scale businesses, to local dealerships, to municipalities, we have connections in nearly every sector. We are constantly working to partner with people and organizations to ultimately strengthen our energy security.

Our Team

Diego Lopez

Executive Director
Our Voice of Reason…

Diego Lopez joined Save Energy Colorado as a Co-Coordinator in August 2018. Lopez now serves as the executive director for Save Energy Colorado.
He is responsible for strategic planning, stakeholder services, education and outreach, public relations, and infrastructure development programs.
Lopez has 7 years of experience in the energy and transportation industry and completed a bachelor’s degree focused in environmental sciences and geography with a minor in physics from the University of Colorado Denver.
With experience as an energy and transportation advisor with a demonstrated history of working with consumers, businesses, municipalities, utilities, and fleets, Lopez is available to assist coalition stakeholders with project development, technical workshops, locating funding opportunities, and supporting funding proposals.
  • Favorite Book: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
  • Favorite Meal: Grandmothers homemade mole
  • Favorite Hobbies: Olympic (sabre) fencing, flying drones, cooking

Jason V. Green

Clean Cities Director
Jason V. Green joined Save Energy Colorado in 2022 after serving as an Energy Advisor and Operations Specialist for CLEAResult where he helped homeowners and business save money on energy efficiency and net-zero solutions.
He now serves as the Clean Cities Director and hosts/attends industry events representing NCCC, connects with industry partners, and participates in continuous learning opportunities to stay up to date on market developments.
With experience working for rural and at-risk non-profits, Jason is proficient at communicating with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Favorite Book: Illusions, by Richard Bach
  • Favorite H2O: Eldorado Springs!
  • Favorite Hobbies: Tinkering/Making

Desiree Moore

ReCharge Coach
| Transportation Analyst
Desiree Moore joined Save Energy Colorado July 2021 as an intern.
She became a full-time employee as of January 2023.
She is responsible for helping with communication content, attending different events, and learning as much as she can!
Desiree has taken courses at Colorado State University that have sparked her interest in sustainable energy and helped her to pursue an internship with NCCC. Although there is more she needs to learn, she is ready for everything NCCC has to offer.
  • Favorite Book: The Giver by Lois Lowry
  • Favorite Meal: Thanksgiving ham and potatoes
  • Favorite Hobbies: Different arts and crafts, hiking, tennis

Lacey Allor

ReCharge Coach
/ Transportation Coordinator
Lacey Allor joined Save Energy Colorado as an intern in the Summer of 2021 through the She’s in Power Program whose purpose is to inspire women who will be tomorrow’s clean energy leaders. She was later offered a position as an intern for the Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program (CCUWDP).
After taking a semester abroad to Denmark, she returned to her position as a CCUWDP intern where she learns about public outreach, alternative fueled vehicles, and much more!
She became a full-time employee as of January 2023.
Her career goals involve working with sustainable energy technologies and she dreams of contributing her skills and knowledge to aid in the fight against climate change. She welcomes all conversations and loves engaging with people from all backgrounds.
  • Favorite Book: Fall of Giants by Ken Follett
  • Favorite Meal: Philly Cheesesteak
  • Favorite Hobbies: Learning, meeting new people, playing volleyball and tennis

Diana Morales

Diana Morales recently joined Save Energy Colorado in May 2023 as an intern through the She’s In Power program. She is really excited to learn many skills,
networking, and building knowledge through this internship. She is currently
finishing her undergraduate diploma through Colorado State University. Majoring
in Environmental Engineering with a minor is Global Environmental
Her career goal is to one day either work with renewable energy or with the water system; the reason why is because renewable energy will help maintain sustainable energy for the future and water is essential for human decency. She
really emphasizes helping others with her degree.
  • Favorite Book: The Color Purple by Alice Walker
  • Favorite Meal: Carne asada street tacos
  • Favorite Hobbies: painting, reading, cooking, & camping

Our Board

Cynthia Smeraski

LinkedIn Profile
Cynthia Smeraski has been a part of the Save Energy Colorado Board of Directors for the last 9 years and is the current Chair.
Cynthia has a background in Systems Neurobiology where she was awarded the Society for Neuroscience Next Generation award in 2009 for outstanding neuroscience outreach and science education.
In 2010-2013, she became involved with Northern Colorado Clean Cities to partner on educational program events as a Science Education Outreach Program Coordinator for CSU Ventures Systems Solutions Group in order to increase awareness of electric vehicles and alternative fuels.
“This is an important field to be in. This is new technology and the information needs to be shared…I basically used my previous experience in neuroscience outreach as a template for new awareness campaigns and outreach about the technical aspects of alternative fuels and transportation.”

Joel Danforth

Board Member
LinkedIn Profile
Joel Danforth, United Power Inc., has many years of experience working for numerous power supply industries until he landed a job as the Energy Programs & New Business Director for United Power.
“I’ve always been really interested in electric vehicles even before there were any real electric vehicles. I just knew that electric vehicles were the wave of the future, so I steered my education and eventually my career in that direction.”
He has been actively supporting SECo’s purpose and goals since before he became a board member.

Gus Brown

Vice President
LinkedIn Profile
Gus Brown, City of Loveland, is the Fleet Services Manager for the City of Loveland for the past 26 years.
Gus started his career path by managing part stores until he decided to shift away from retail and towards fleet management, which represents a large stakeholder base for NCCC.
“Over the years I think the biggest thing that’s registered with me is the public service part of it. We don’t connect to the citizens- we’re contributing to everyone else that has direct contact with them- utilities, streets, you know all those different operations that we have a direct connection with and we just do it a different way. We connect through other people.”

James Mora

Board Member
LinkedIn Profile
James Mora, X3 CNG, has been the president of Innovative Energy Solutions for the past 11 years and has been the president of X3Energy for the past 7 years.
James started in the financial market but was inspired by cellulosic fuels which led him to the CNG industry. He is driven by making small changes, such as better air quality, saying
“if you focus on some low hanging fruits, there are major opportunities.”
James describes himself as alternative fuels agnostic, believing the future of the transportation industry needs to be a “portfolio of solutions” but alternative fuels like CNG, RNG, and hydrogen have the most promising outlook, especially for heavy-duty trucks.

Mahesh Albuquerque

Board Member
LinkedIn Profile
Mahesh Albuquerque, Colorado Dept. of Labor and Employment, has over 25 years of public and private management experience in public safety programs and addressing issues on environmental protection, consumer protection, public safety and regulatory compliance.
His current title is the Director for the Division of Oil and Public Safety at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment where one of his main tasks is regulating fuel products.
“I was driven by changing the public perception of the government. I’m doing things that I would never have dreamed I’d have the opportunity to do.”